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AK Coatings, Inc., a subsidiary of AK Steel Corporation, offers flat rolled stainless and carbon steels coated with the AgION antimicrobial compound. AK Coatings' customers are in the HVAC, construction, food equipment, food processing, appliance and medical equipment industries.

About AK Steel
AK Steel produces flat-rolled carbon, stainless and electrical steel products for automotive, appliance, construction and manufacturing markets, as well as tubular steel products.

About AgION
AgION® Technologies Inc. is a Wakefield, Massachusetts based biotechnology company engaged in antimicrobial and materials research and development. The AgION antimicrobial compound is the world's most innovative inorganic antimicrobial. Its active ingredient is silver, the effectiveness of which has been established over the centuries. AgION antimicrobial compound combines silver with an inorganic ceramic that permits a continuous, controlled release of ionic silver over an extended time period.

AgION works with more than 250 major corporations such as AK Coatings, DuPont and Vygon in the medical, consumer and commercial industries. AgION antimicrobial compound applications range from countertops to catheters, creating significant value and added product and brand differentiation.

AgION antimicrobial compound has been successfully and cost-effectively incorporated into fibers and fabrics, molded plastics, plastic films, and coatings for metals, with proven effectiveness and safety. It can also be applied to existing products.

For more information, visit AgION at http://www.agion-tech.com or call 781-224-7100.

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