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HVAC and refrigeration systems are important, long-term investments for your customers. That's why they demand products that do double-duty while providing the best value for their money. Your customers are already familiar with the benefits of antimicrobial products. In fact, there is a good chance they are already using them in their own homes. When you offer them products and systems made with AgION® antimicrobial-coated steel, available from AK Coatings, Inc., a subsidiary of AK Steel Corporation, they'll see a clear product benefit that meets a growing consumer demand. Besides the antimicrobial properties, the AgION antimicrobial coating offers stain resistance, as well as a smoother surface, making AgION antimicrobial-coated steel easier to clean and maintain.

Today, most people are well aware of the importance of maintenance of air handling equipment. The moist, dark areas inside an HVAC system are a breeding ground for potentially destructive microbes such as bacteria, molds and fungi.

AgION antimicrobial coatings suppress the growth of microbes on HVAC components, keeping them cleaner. While the coatings are not meant to replace routine cleaning of these components, they can provide an effective tool in buildings where there is heightened concern about microbial growth, such as hospitals, nursing homes, daycare centers and schools.

And because the coating is applied to steel, it works throughout the complete system, on duct work, air handlers and diffusers, allowing you to deliver a comprehensive HVAC solution. So whether you are specifying equipment for schools, hospitals or business complexes, or designing, manufacturing or specifying equipment for use in homes, antimicrobial-coated steel gives you a clean advantage.

Temperatures below 40°F inhibit the growth of many microbes, but not all. Even at colder temperatures, AgION antimicrobial-coated steel works to inhibit the growth of bacteria, molds and fungi, whether in walk-in refrigeration units or refrigerated areas or storage facilities.

Other Applications
Consumer demand for antimicrobial products continues to grow. Now AK Coatings offers a way to meet consumer demand. No matter what the application, if microbes are troublesome, antimicrobial coating for steel is the answer. In refrigerators, dishwashers, sinks and freezers, the coating makes a difference. Using AgION antimicrobial-coated steel for products requires little or no new manufacturing equipment, little or no retrofitting of existing equipment and few, if any, new operating processes.

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