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AgION® antimicrobial-coated steel is available from AK Coatings, Inc., a subsidiary of AK Steel Corporation. AK Coatings recommends, for all products where microbes are a concern, that engineers specify “AgION antimicrobial-coated steel.” Specify just as you would specify gauge, coating, content and other steel-specific information. Please contact AK Coatings for more detailed information on how to specify AgION antimicrobial-coated steel for your products.

AK Coatings offers several ways to purchase coatings with the AgION antimicrobial compound.

For Carbon Steel:
Purchase AgION antimicrobial-coated carbon steel directly from AK Coatings, or contact Mapes & Sprowl (847-736-1493), an authorized stocking distributor.

Please contact AK Coatings with any questions Phone: 866-456-3712

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